3 Important Questions When Branding A Business

Branding a Business with BUGG Marketing Inc.

When branding a business, it’s far more than simply creating a fancy logo. How do people perceive your company? What is the first thing a customer thinks when they see your logo? The early days of simply putting up a website with a few words of copy are far behind in the rear-view mirror.

So, what are some tangible concepts a business can take to grow their brand positively? Again, although they’re important, it’s more than a logo or a positioning statement.

What is your business brand position?

We mentioned having a positioning statement a little earlier. What does this actually mean?

One thing to consider is that there are other businesses, similar to yours, with like-minded concepts and ideals. Consideration needs to be made to what makes your business stand out above the others. Why is your product or service more special?

The easy answer to this question is brand positioning. The harder task is to come up with your concept of why your business is better than the next. In order for users to choose your business over others is to ensure that there is time and effort placed in perfecting your market position. How is this done?

Let your users or customers know what your product strengths are. Instead of simply talking about the features of your service, tell users about the benefits of your product. How will you solve a problem or pain point for them? This will connect with the customer in a more emotional way, rather than only talking about some features. 

Branding a business can also be accomplished by having others talk about you in a positive way. This can be done through testimonials. Successful companies have Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, or industry specific review sites that help promote their brand. Testimonials work as social proof that users are connecting with your brand and making their findings known for others to make a decision.

What is your brand personality?

Each person has their own strengths, weaknesses and communication style. Just as each person is unique, a business also has its own personality. Just like a person, a business can have a style of communication that will help sell the brand to consumers. 

How does your business connect or respond to inquiries? How do your employees interact on the phone? These things will determine perception of your brand and how people communicate back. Is your business friendly? Is it edgy? Is it hip? This is part of the process in developing your business brand.

The best option is to always respond in a human-like manner, not as a robot. People respond best to people and like to know that there is an actual person at the end of the email or phone. It’s about having a personality to your brand interactions. You must also make sure that your business brand visuals are aligned with your business personality. Simple things like colors, fonts and imagery will round out the entire personality of your brand.

What is your brand promise?

Delivering to your customers what you say will strengthen and connect your brand message to your marketing. Your users will expect the delivery of the claims made in your brand positioning and marketing which will, in turn, result in positive brand reinforcement.

If you’re not able to deliver on your brand promise, there will be some obvious negative consequences. It’s important that your brand promise is achievable and attainable. Why is this important? The success of your business is based on the happiness of your customers. It’s simple psychology: people respond better when they have a positive experience.

When branding a business, long-term success is determined by the strength created from the beginning of the process. A thoughtful and achievable set of goals is important in solidifying actions that result in a positive brand experience. As a small business, it is integral for success to have a strong plan of attack with a professional marketing and brand strategy.

If you have questions about branding a business, please connect with us. We’d love to help you plan your vision and determine the right path for your business.

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