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Branding a Business with BUGG Marketing Inc.

3 Important Questions When Branding A Business

When branding a business, it’s far more than simply creating a fancy logo. How do people perceive your company? What is the first thing a customer thinks when they see your logo? The early days of simply putting up a website with a few words of copy are far behind in the rear-view mirror. So,…

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Better Blog SEO by BUGG Marketing Inc.

Better Blog SEO – 5 Tips to Help Create Your Blog Strategy

The purpose of creating a blog is to provide information to users who are looking for help answering questions. This will, in turn, provide opportunities for search engines to index your article to provide relevant content. With intentional focus on creating better blog SEO, your content will be exposed to more users. Here are a…

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5 Components of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

5 Components of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

How an intentional and professional content marketing strategy can propel your business to success There is a buzz phrase taking over online marketing circles: content marketing strategy. These three words can mean something different to each person, but it generally means a method of creating content to share with the world to build the reputation…

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Top 3 Steps in Creating a Content Strategy | BUGG Marketing Inc.

Top 3 Steps in Creating a Content Strategy

Does your business have a cohesive content strategy that will properly market your brand and message? Content strategy and marketing has been the buzz phrase for a number of years now as it pertains to effectively getting your business brand message out to the masses. What exactly does it mean to market your company content?…

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